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Heart health adult depends on the level of happiness in childhood

Experts attracted to the study 3577 children aged 3-18 years. With the help of tests and questions, the experts have figured out everything you can about the socio-economic status of the family, the lifestyle of the parents, the emotional state of the participants of the experiment, and how often children are faced with behavioural problems, stress and problems of social adaptation.
Heart health adult depends on the level of happiness in childhood
The survey of experts was long, 27 years after its beginning, scientists once again assessed the condition of the body members. Most specialists were interested in the health of the cardiovascular system. It should be noted that for further tests 3577 volunteers were invited only 1089 study participants. The average age of people was 30-45 years.

In the experiment, the volunteers answered questions about their cholesterol and blood glucose, and also talked about physical activity, diet, weight changes, blood pressure, bad habits.

It turned out that the way of life of the participants in the study, indeed, affected the health of the cardiovascular system in middle age. However, one of the factors contributing to heart health, the researchers paid special attention.

Guarantee the normal operation of the cardiovascular system was a happy childhood.

Therefore, volunteers who could be called his happy childhood, 14 percent more often maintained normal weight, 12 percent less were subjected to this harmful addiction as dependence on tobacco. In addition, in the blood of these participants in the experiment, the glucose level was abnormal in 11 percent more in comparison with people whose childhood was less successful.

The experts noted that the health of the heart and blood vessels in adulthood depends on the socio-economic status and ability to self-control in childhood.
Heart health adult depends on the level of happiness in childhood
According to the study’s author, children’s health is in the hands of their parents. The family must form a correct idea about the way of life, to care about the emotional environment of the child, to provide children with normal conditions for the development of self-control and adaptation in social terms, as well as to provide sufficient financial support.

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